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Jamey Heinze

What’s in a Name? Defining Donors, Members and Subscribers

July 1, 2015

By now we all know that you say tomato and I say to-mah-to, and we’ve agreed to disagree over potatoes and po-tah-toes, but if you work in a nonprofit with a diverse revenue sources, you might struggle with defining your constituent groups. Are they members? Subscribers? Donors? Does it matter? — Actually, it does.

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How Lowering Higher Education Operational Expenses Can Lower Tuition

May 14, 2015

Higher educational institutions are having to increase student tuition in large part to cover operational and fundraising expenses. Outsourcing gift processing, mail acknowledgement and using donor data more effectively can help bring these expenses down and potentially slow the rise of tuitions.

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CDS Global JDRF One Walk

CDS Global is Ready to Walk in Support of Diabetes Research

May 11, 2015

CDS Global is proud to support JDRF in Iowa for their One Walk fundraiser on May 16th. We will be on the ground volunteering and walking to help support diabetes research. JDRF is also able to lower costs and improve efficiency by using CDS Global’s donation processing and donor acknowledgement solutions. It’s a Win-Win!

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NPR Time to Give

Sustaining Memberships: What NPR Can Learn From For-Profit Media Companies

April 13, 2015

Listening to 7 days of pledge drives on NPR is can be annoying for sustaining members givers. Why not offer these loyal donors with incentives to bypass the pledge drive and continue to listen to NPR’s great programing uninterrupted.

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Use acquistion list, donor profiles, and predictive response modeling to better understand your donors

Donor Data: It’s More Important Than Ever!

April 3, 2015

Time flies when you’re having fun… It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since Kevin Schulman, Leslie Monk and I spoke on the webinar discussing “Donor Data: The Key to Donor Retention.” What remains the same is the relevance and importance of everything we discussed last March. In fact, 365+ days later it’s decidedly even more important that nonprofits begin using and integrating the data that is readily available about their donors.

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NPR Pledge Drive

More fundraising lessons from NPR’s “membership” drives.

November 13, 2014

You never forget the first time.  Words matter (again).  And what Alec Baldwin said… It’s amazing how things have changed.  In years past, for as long as I can remember, I’ve dreaded those times of the year when my local NPR station (KUT) would rudely interrupt my regularly scheduled programming to conduct pledge drives.  C’mon, […]

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Jamey Heinze, CDS Global Chief Marketing Officer presenting at 2014 Bridge Conference for Fundraising and Nonprofit Integrated Marketing

Six Ways Nonprofits Use their Powers for Awesome

July 16, 2014

Six ways nonprofits use their powers for awesome: fundraising lessons from Bridge Conference 2014 The Top Controversial For-Profit Marketing Techniques That Become Awesome and Ethical When Applied to Nonprofit Marketing Wow.  What a title.  When I was asked by Thorin McGee, Editor-in-Chief of Target Marketing, to speak at the 2014 Bridge Conference last Thursday, I […]

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Fundraisers, when it comes to donors vs. members, words matter.

Fundraisers, One More Thing to Learn from NPR

April 11, 2014

It occurred to me after my last post that I’d overlooked (under-listened to?) one more savvy fundraising technique used by my local National Public Radio station:  Don’t have a fund drive…  Don’t have a pledge drive…  And don’t ask for contributors… Instead, have a membership drive!  Fundraisers, words matter.  Despite the fact that the macro-level […]

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Why Nonprofits Should Take a Cue from NPR

April 4, 2014

I’m an NPR junkie, so when “that time of the year” rolls around (spring and fall fund drives), I get a bit depressed.  Not that I don’t really, really appreciate the efforts of KUT, my local NPR station here in Austin, but c’mon.  It’s the same appeals, over and over again, day in and day […]

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Marketing versus the Nonprofit Industry

December 3, 2013

The recent NY Times article about Lindsay Beck and her vision for creating a stock market for nonprofits got me thinking.  Her premise is a fascinating variation on the theme of incorporating more “business grade” best practice into the business of running a nonprofit, and it makes sense.  Continuing along on that train of thought, […]

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