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One Day, Countless Lessons – Fundraising Day in NYC

June 18, 2015
Lunch at FRDNY

Lunch at FRDNY

Let’s talk about a couple things that most of us can get excited about: The power of the causes that nonprofit organizations support and the great times and culture of New York City. I was able to experience both of these recently at the Fundraising Day in New York. This an annual event that is organized and hosted by the NYC Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. It is the largest one day even on fundraising in the world. With over 1800 participants, it did not disappoint. What a great day of educational sessions, great stories of nonprofit success and time to get a sense for all the solutions that are available to help fundraisers be successful.

The best educational sessions I attended were on how to plan an effective event and how to recover from the time and effort that goes into a major capital campaign.

Event Planning

The session regarding event planning was full of real world, candid ideas on what to do…and not to do…when planning an event. Ideas included ensuring your event is an extension of your overall fundraising strategy rather than putting on an event without thinking of how it fits in. Also, another good tip was to ensure all of your stakeholders play a part in the planning. Even if many of the ideas go unused, it is important to engage others directly in the event.

Recovering from a Capital Campaign

The session on recovering from a capital campaign focused on the idea that you are really always in some form of a campaign. You are either planning, executing or assessing your campaigns at all times. This type of thinking will help you maintain a more consistent approach to your fundraising. This session also covered the importance of acquiring and maintaining solid talent….something I think everyone in the nonprofit space would like to do well.

Finally, the lunch was a great chance to listen to the importance of the work that all fundraisers are charged with doing. Fundraising is truly a labor of love and requires a passion for the cause. This event, and all the people that took part have a great passion for what they do and their organization’s success. I truly enjoyed my time at the event and in the great city of New York!