Upcoming Webinar – Completing the Donor Picture

November 26, 2013

Next Week’s Webinar – Completing the Donor Picture Join us Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. ET to engage with industry and data analytics experts as we discuss: the pros and cons of the traditional use of donor data. powerful insights gained from overlaying lifestyle information with known donor information. looking beyond known donor touchpoints and […]

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Free Technology Session: Uncovering Your Ideal Donor

September 10, 2013

Join CDS Global and The Stelter Company this Thursday at the 2013 Fundraising Success Virtual Conference & Expo for a free 20 minute technology session Uncovering Your Ideal Donor. As a nonprofit leader you know that in order to gain a fundraising advantage in today’s market, you must gain a better understanding of your donors and what makes them tick, […]

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6 Reasons YOU Should Register for the CDS Global Summit 2013

August 7, 2013

6 Reasons YOU Should Register for the CDS Global Summit 2013 As the CDS Global Summit 2013 quickly approaches, there are many reasons as to why you should register for this must-attend industry event. After a quick brainstorming session, I put together my top reasons for you to attend our event as the marketing manager for […]

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Formula for Success in the Digital Era

May 30, 2013

In today’s digital-driven world, many publishers and content producers are looking for the proven path or formula for success in this evolving era. Many publishers have been successful thus far, but such success can be difficult to track, measure and prove for the long haul. Earlier this year, CDS Global worked with Red 7 Research […]

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Top 3 Media Biz Stories of the Week

May 23, 2013

Let’s face it. Lots of things are happening in the world of media. When I state media, I’m referencing multiple mediums including magazines, television, Web, newspapers, and more. There is a lot going on in media and this blog will give you my take on the top three stories of the week in this industry. […]

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Debra Janssen Shares Top 10 Customer-Centric Recommendations at Preferred Showcase

May 15, 2013

CDS Global COO, Debra Janssen, enlightened publishers at the 2013 Preferred Showcase with the company’s Top 10 Customer Centricity Recommendations for media companies. These ten actionable recommendations were gathered from a survey of CDS Global employees, which includes various thought leaders and the individuals who manage publishers’ business everyday. The Top 10 Recommendations are as follows: […]

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Media Innovators to Gather at CDS Global’s Preferred Showcase event

May 13, 2013

Tomorrow, CDS Global is set to host the fourth annual Preferred Showcase, a single-day event where media companies come together to gain thought leadership, hear about vital innovations in publishing and network with their peers at the Hearst Tower. Over 120 individuals will gather for this year’s event themed around customer centricity, and will gain […]

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Value Your Volunteers By Making Their Time Count

April 24, 2013

I saw a recent Tweet from fundraising consultant/speaker Stephen Pidgeon (@StephenPidge); “I don’t want to give money to a charity. I want to change the world with my money.”  What a great way to put what so many more people are thinking these days when it comes to not only  their money, but also their […]

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