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  • White Paper: Fundraising Efficiency and the Bottom Line

    Well-run fundraising operations keep a keen focus on the bottom line at the operational level as well as through all campaigns and events. Read the white paper “Fundraising Efficiency and the Bottom Line, for tactics and strategies to help nonprofits maximize fundraising efficiency while reducing expenses.

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  • White Paper: What Keeps You Up At Night? Creating Systems to Solve the Challenges Facing Fundraising

    The nature of the nonprofit landscape means fundraisers are losing sleep. Whether it’s greater scrutiny and demands for transparency and accountability, worries about data security, or simply the usual challenge of enticing donors to give in the midst of a crowded and competitive landscape, there are many challenges facing fundraising today. Download our white paper to see the latest best practices for how to create efficient systems to solve the challenges facing fundraising for your organization.

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  • White Paper: Donor Data, Feedback and Service: The Key to Retention

    The best way to increase donor loyalty and retention is to provide a superior donor experience. Our latest white paper, “Donor Data, Feedback, and Service: The Key to Retention,” offers guidelines for fundraisers and nonprofit leaders on how to create a positive donor experience by leveraging data effectively, utilizing feedback to improve donor satisfaction at a low cost, and implementing donor service standards to mitigate problems and reactivate lapsed donors.

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  • White Paper: State of the Media Industry: Benchmarks & Trending Study – 2014

    CDS Global is pleased to have partnered with FOLIO to deliver this detailed media study covering how both consumer and business-to-business media companies are using digital technology to drive their business forward. This exclusive study outlines how the media and publishing industry is transforming. Learn about the biggest opportunities in media and how data, mobile and digital technology is changing the industry.

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  • White Paper: Capture Donor Data With Gift Processing

    Advanced gift processing services automatically gather and manage information that higher education institutions receive with gifts and correspondence. Savvy advancement departments are benefitting from these sophisticated technologies by outsourcing their gift-processing operations. This white paper outlines the value of this technology to enhance the donor experience through carefully stewarded gifts and more tailored communications.

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  • White Paper: From Big Data to Maximum Results

    CDS Global has partnered with Folio: to deliver “From Big Data to Maximum Results.” This white paper covers the structural, tech and cultural changes needed for magazine media companies to make the most of actionable data.

    Download the white paper now to dive into proven models from leading publishers for converting disparate data into information you can use.

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  • White Paper: Gift Processing as a Strategy in Higher Education

    Many higher-education institutions today are rethinking their approach to managing donations processing. This white paper provides expert insights into the way this important work is being handled. With advanced gift processing technology, the entire donations process can be automated. Download this paper to learn how advanced gift processing – internally or through outsource specialists – helps organizations to better steward donors and tailor effective appeals and responses.

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  • White Paper: Payment Processing Models For Integration

    Facing new challenges and opportunities, payment processing professionals see this as a good time to evaluate business models. Options range from managing operations in-house to choosing single-source, integrated solutions. Customers expectations and behaviors are ever-changing in the payment space. Get expert guidance & best practices in assessing payment processing models described by industry pros.

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  • White Paper: Fundraising Operations: Making Every Dollar Count

    This white paper – based on discussions from an executive roundtable of senior level fundraising professionals from Canada’s leading charities – discusses best practices around fundraising operations, including speed of donations processing and turnaround times on mailed acknowledgements, shaping donor commutations using both online and offline data, and how to centralize core back-end processes to improve operational agility and response times.

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  • White Paper: The Nonprofit vs. For-Profit Marketing Approach

    When it comes to nonprofit vs. for-profit marketing, where do nonprofits have the advantage, and where do they fall flat? Download our white paper to see which techniques your organization might be under-utilizing, and how nonprofit organizations can leverage their status to deliver more effective campaigns, with less effort.

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