White Paper: Capture Donor Data With Gift Processing

Today, advanced gift processing is emerging as a key strategy for higher education professionals. Being able to capture donor data with gift processing is at the heart of this strategy.

Higher Education Fundraising is Increasing

Capture Donor Data With Gift ProcessingFundraising in higher education grew 3.3 percent in 2014. That’s the second highest growth rate among the sectors measured in the 2014 Charitable Giving Report. To enhance your donor strategy, use gift processing services for more than receiving donations and depositing funds. New gift processing services automatically capture information that comes with donors’ gifts and correspondence.

 Get   Donor Information  Along with Donor Gifts

Automated data recognition technology includes features such as forms identification and optical character recognition (OCR). This technology also offers mark-sense detection plus courtesy and legal amount recognition (CAR/LAR). It even provides handwriting recognition plus handwriting detection and classification.

Why Outsourcing Gift Processing Makes Sense

Many savvy advancement departments are benefitting from these sophisticated technologies by outsourcing their gift-processing operations. Outsourcing can also help ensure regulatory compliance (Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, privacy), complete auditing and reporting, and timely shipment of gift acknowledgements and rewards. Combining gift deposits with data capture appeals to advancement departments because it delivers a 360-degree view of alumni and other donors.

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This white paper presents the capabilities of advanced gift processing technology to gather this intelligence. It outlines how the data helps you:

  • Manage donor requests
  • Personalize appeals
  • Support strategic planning
  • Enhance the donor and alumni experience through carefully stewarded gifts and more tailored communications.
  • Offers  insights into the important process of selecting an outsource partner