White Paper: Fundraising Operations: Making Every Dollar Count

Industry veterans from  top charities weigh in on best practices and ideas to improve fundraising operations.

Fundraising Operations: Making Every Dollar CountWith charitable organizations fighting for every donor dollar, how they process these donations has become every bit as important as how they procure them. From a fundraising operations standpoint, these organizations are facing a number of challenges when it comes to both donations processing, donor outreach, and direct mail.

This executive roundtable brought together senior level fundraising operations professionals from the Alzheimer Society of Canada,  the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation,  March of Dimes Canada, the Canadian Diabetes Association, and Operation Smile Canada. In this paper, they share their insights on best practices around their fundraising operations – specifically speed of donations processing and turnaround times on mailed acknowledgements, how to incorporate both online and offline data when shaping donor communications, and how to centralize core back-end processes to improve operational agility and response times.

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