White Paper: Gift Processing as a Strategy in Higher Education

Gift  Processing Strategy Needs To Be Personalized

Gift Processing as a Strategy In Higher EducationCompetition for the attention of donors has increased as the number of nonprofit organizations has soared beyond 1.6 million in the United States alone – up 200,000 in the past five years. As a result, today’s savvy advancement department is leveraging all the donor information it can gather from each donation. Effective donor stewardship is a carefully crafted, strategic process. It includes the use of specific information about donors to ensure that appeals, campaigns, invitations and other communications are targeted to their individual interests.

Still, because of time and resource constraints, many institutions make gift processing mistakes or neglect to capture vital data that may be the key to donor retention. Adding further to the challenge is the added burden of managing staff, temporary help and volunteers, and recording and copying a multitude of documents and individual checks.

Automate Your Donations Process

To avoid this additional constraint on resources and to ensure the proper focus is given to this important and strategic area, many higher education institutions are rethinking their approach to managing donations processing. This white paper provides expert insights into the way this important work is being handled. With advanced gift processing technology, institutions benefit immediately from accelerated donation posting and acknowledgement, the elimination of time-consuming manual keying of donor information, as well as the consistent capture and feed of valuable data to their own donor management systems. The entire donations process can be automated, including special exceptions such as change-of-address notices, credit card donations and matching gift processing.

Download this white paper to learn how advanced gift processing helps organizations feed their various donor management systems simultaneously. This means you   can better steward donors, tailoring appeals and responses. Leveraging outsourced donation processing solutions to manage back-end operations enables advancement departments to focus on their core objectives.