White Paper: Donor Data, Feedback and Service: The Key to Retention

Increase donor loyalty and retentionIt’s  no wonder every nonprofit organization wants to increase donor loyalty and retention: it costs six to seven times more to acquire a new donor than to retain an existing one.  With shrinking options for acquisition, the most cost-effective way to fund a mission in the current landscape is to focus on retention.

The best way to increase donor loyalty and retention is to provide a superior donor experience.  This white paper offers guidelines for fundraisers and nonprofit leaders on how to create a positive donor experience by leveraging data effectively, utilizing feedback to improve donor satisfaction at a low cost, and implementing donor service standards to mitigate problems and reactivate lapsed donors.

Read the white paper and discover:

  • How to develop a 360-degree view of donor data for a deep understanding of donors.
  • How to collect and respond to donor feedback for improved engagement and higher retention rates.
  • What it takes to create and cultivate a donor service and recovery strategy.