White Paper: Payment Processing Models For Integration

Upgrade Your Payment Processing

Payment Processing Models For Integration Download White PaperPayment processing professionals face new challenges and opportunities today. The business landscape is changing with new technologies, rising customer expectations and changing consumer behaviors.

Now is the time to evaluate payment processing operations. Consider which payment processing model best fits your strategic objectives and goals. Models range from managing the operation in-house to choosing single-source, integrated solutions. More than ever, a customer-focused, tightly integrated payment processing system is imperative.

Customers Want Simplicity When Making a Payment

Consumers today demand multiple ways to receive, view and pay their bills. Increasingly, customers expect consistent, accurate payment information across channels. They want an easy-to-use and easy-to-pay experience similar to e-commerce.

Higher customer expectations and the need for multiple payment channels have created receivables management challenges that can be addressed through integrated payment solutions. There is a need to consolidate information from multiple payment channels, bringing together check and remittance processing, card and ACH data, and statement information.

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This white paper offers expert guidance in assessing in-house, outsourced and integrated payment processing models. It includes two distinct case studies:

  1. Tips on choosing a vendor, and
  2. Best practices described by industry pros.