White Paper: Fundraising Efficiency and the Bottom Line

Fundraising Efficiency and the Bottom LineMaintaining a well-run fundraising operation requires a keen focus on the bottom line. Yet many nonprofits focus more on overall revenue, and less on the impact of operational, campaign and event expenses. How much more could each nonprofit achieve if a greater percentage of its net revenue went to fulfilling its mission?

This white paper shares tactics to help nonprofits maximize fundraising efficiency while reducing expenses. Read the white paper and learn strategies for:

  •          Managing profit and loss
  •          Maximizing relationships with board, staff, partners, vendors and volunteers
  •          Reducing campaign and operational expenses
  •          Establishing systems to standardize and automate operational processes

By focusing on efficiency in all aspects of fundraising, nonprofits can significantly impact the bottom line, better maximize the funds with which they are entrusted and better serve the missions on which they were founded.

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