White Paper: The Nonprofit vs. For-Profit Marketing Approach

The Nonprofit vs. For Profit Marketing ApproachDownload our latest white paper, The Nonprofit vs. For-Profit Marketing Approach: Ten Techniques Your Organization Should Consider, for ten ideas that could optimize your organization’s marketing and fundraising strategy.

From traditional outreach strategies to integrated, multi-touch campaigns, nonprofits have liberally borrowed marketing techniques from the for-profit world, particularly as the realm and breadth of communications have evolved. While many of the marketing techniques honed in the for-profit world translate well to nonprofits, both sectors maintain distinct advantages in specific areas.

So when it comes to nonprofit vs. for-profit marketing, where do nonprofits have the advantage, and where do they fall flat? Download our white paper to see which techniques your organization might be under-utilizing, and how nonprofit organizations can leverage their status to deliver more effective campaigns, with less effort.

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